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ZAMDO – JOTC Objectives


Main Objective

The objective of the JOTC is to set a framework for collaboration between Members being institutions responsible for water management and dam operations in the Zambezi River Basin for the exchange of hydrometeorological and dam information to facilitate improved and informed management of the water resources, in accordance with the respective Member Institution’s policies on data.

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Aims / Goals: 

The JOTC aims to achieve the following in the long term through this collaboration:

  1. better understanding of the Zambezi river hydrological system
  2. better control of flood and drought situations in the basin
  3. reduction of the negative effects of floods and droughts in the three countries
  4. better utilisation of the water resources for power generation
  5. regular sharing of expertise and experiences in the development and implementation of hydrological models for reservoir operations,
  6. Timely accessibility to hydrological, environmental and water utilization data which enables informed decision making
  7. Better management of flood prevention and environmental flow requirements;
  8. integrated dam safety monitoring and analysis
  9. Establishment of working provisions in cases of floods, droughts and any emergency situations
  10. Development of better dam operating rules for water resources management in the catchment.
  11. capacity building through knowledge sharing and exchange of notes;
  12. Networking for future projects.

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ZAMDO Member Institutions